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Python milter

The milter module for Python provides a python interface to Sendmail's libmilter that exploits all its features. Milters can run on the same machine as sendmail, or another machine. The milter can even run with a different operating system or processor than sendmail. Sendmail talks to the milter via a local or internet socket, and keeps the milter informed of events as it processes a mail connection. At any point, the milter can cut the conversation short by telling sendmail to ACCEPT, REJECT, or DISCARD the message. After receiving a complete message from sendmail, the milter can again REJECT or DISCARD it, but it can also ACCEPT it with changes to the headers or body.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Sep 2011 01:33

    Release Notes: Enhanced documentation, Python 2.6 support, and bugfixes. Support was added for automatic feature negotiation with the MTA using Python decorators.

    •  28 Aug 2008 07:58

      Release Notes: The rcpt for SRS rejections is logged. Parsing of MAIL FROM into email and fullname was improved. No-DSN CBV was implemented. A check is done cfor porn words in MAIL FROM fullname. IPs are now banned for too many bad MAIL FROMs or RCPT TOs. Temperror policy is supported in sendmail access. Gossip TTL was configured. AddrCache, parse_addr, and iniplist were added to the Milter package. parse_header was added to Milter.utils. A sample milter was added. The pymilter and pymilter-spf packages were split out. Milter apps were moved to /usr/lib/pymilter.

      •  17 Jan 2007 08:06

        Release Notes: The spf module was moved to pyspf. Code to prevent PTR cache poisoning was added. More lame bounce heuristics were added. A fallback to plain CBV when template is missing was added.

        •  31 Jul 2006 21:17

          Release Notes: This release fixes "out of thread resources" errors caused by spammers who use tarpits.

          •  30 Dec 2005 06:11

            Release Notes: A simple trusted_forwarder implementation was added. The access_file neutral policy was fixed. The Received-SPF header was moved to the beginning of the headers. Keyword info was supplied for all results in the Received-SPF header. The guessed SPF result was moved to a separate header. The build was fixed to activate smfi_insheader only when SMFIR_INSHEADER is defined. A NULL MX in is now handled. In-process GOSSiP server support was added (to be extended later). The CBV cache is expired and auto-whitelist entries are renewed.


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