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Milonic DHTML Website Menu

The Milonic DHTML Website Navigation Menu is a fully cross-browser DHTML navigational script that works on IE4+, Netscape 4+, Opera 5+, Mozilla, Konquerer, and Safari. Written in JavaScript, it is fully configurable with many features, including scrollable menus, scroll bars for long menus, delayed menu opening for more accuracy, and unlimited sub-menu depth.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Jul 2006 00:28

    Release Notes: This release improves the way the menu handles loading of images. A new style/item property called pageoncolor allows setting of an onColor based on a URL match. The way menu widths and borders are rendered in Internet Explorer has been changed. A problem with Firefox not positioning the menu correctly when using screenposition has been fixed. A problem with preloadmenuimages.js forcing a 404 Apache error log entry has been fixed. A minor problem with Firefox displaying parsing value JavaScript error has been fixed. A new function has been added to the menu API called mm_replace().

    •  02 Dec 2005 07:13

      Release Notes: Many bugfixes and improvements were done. A bug with closeAllOnClick not working if no URL had been specified was fixed. A bug with Context Menus not opening in Firefox was fixed. A bug with targeted menu items trying to open links without a URL was fixed. A bug with frames-based menu not opening targets correctly was fixed. A new property was added called disablePagePage that when set to true in the data file will remove item highlighting, but only for parent menu items. A bug with menu items not switching off if user had moved over a parent menu item was fixed. Many issues with tooltips were fixed and they were made easier to use.

      •  25 Nov 2004 11:50

        Release Notes: This release included better code encryption for code files as well as a slight reduction in file sizes. A fix for a Mozilla scroll bar bug was added and support for scroll bars in Konquerer was added. Version 1.0 of the Treemenu module was included, and samples will be available shortly. A bug with Internet Explorer issuing "Object doesn't support this object or property" errors when using the menu with multiple IFRAMES was fixed. The way Scrollable menus display when menuheight has been declared was modified.

        •  03 Aug 2004 17:41

          Release Notes: Many minor changes and bugfixes to the JavaScript Menu code base. Additional code to allow for the new Treemenus and Collapsible menu module integration (coming soon).

          •  27 May 2004 01:24

            Release Notes: A problem with relative menus in Apple Mac Internet Explorer and Safari was fixed. Followscrolling code now allows for a rate of 1 to enable immediate jumping without any scrolling effect. New code was also added to ensure that the forced link will return to normal if the link to appears after code timeout.

            Recent comments

            03 Aug 2004 10:03 milonic

            Re: license

            > The "free for non-commercial use"

            > statement is wholly misleading. All you

            > get is crippleware. A waste of time.

            Care to elaborate? Or are you just bitching for the sake of it?

            26 Jun 2004 16:14 Job33

            The "free for non-commercial use" statement is wholly misleading. All you get is crippleware. A waste of time.

            20 May 2004 15:20 milonic

            Re: Free ?

            > Completely free (even for commercial

            > use) set of DHTML menus ! [BSD license]



            Thanks very much for advertising your menu system on someone elses comments section, very noble of you.



            20 May 2004 15:18 milonic

            Re: must compliment your baptizising

            > my next project will definitely be named

            > byronic <something>. i don't have

            > any need for your miltonian menu atm,

            > but, i'll definitely use it at the first

            > sign of applicability.

            Great News!!!

            I look forward to it.

            Thanks Very Much


            24 Apr 2004 09:56 cagret

            Free ?
            Completely free (even for commercial use) set of DHTML menus ! [BSD license]



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