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MilaX is a small OpenSolaris live CD distribution. You can run it from miniCD, bootable business card, or a USB flash drive. It is based on Solaris Nevada. It can be installed on storage media with small capacities like bootable business cards, USB flash drives, various memory cards, and Zip drives. It can be installed to hard disk through a ZFS-boot installation. It is available for both x86 and SPARC platforms.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Feb 2010 07:30

    Release Notes: This release is based on OpenSolaris snv128a. It adds JWM as a WM, the Conky system monitor, and SCIM. The Midori browser is now used.

    •  03 Jun 2009 08:45

      Release Notes: This version is based on SVN revision 114. JWM was replaced with Fvwm with a modified theme. This window manager supports thumbnailing of minimized windows, a fullscreen console (urxvt), a system monitor (conky), a simple configuration editor menu, and a bottom panel (wbar). fbxkb was removed. urxvt was added as a basic terminal. pcmanfm, geany, tsclient, gvim, and eboard (chess) with the crafty engine were added. Partitioning is now supported in the zfsinstall script.

      •  03 Feb 2009 10:13

        Release Notes: Boot time was reduced.

        •  11 Sep 2008 06:54

          Release Notes: A small desktop 32-bit version, based on Nevada 95. Network modules have been moved to the /usr/kernel/drv, which has reduced the miniroot size. The ZFSinstall script requires less memory to work. Updated beaver and netsurf. A restored JWM with Dark (default) and Light themes. The BitTorent client Transmission has been added, and Xpdf replaced with Epdfview. Aditional software can be installed with pkgadd, pkg-get, and IPS pkg.

          •  11 Jun 2008 10:56

            Release Notes: This version is based on Nevada 89. For systems with more than 512 mb of RAM, the live image is mounted from memory and it's possible eject the MilaX CD after booting. IceWM was added and JWM was removed. Conky was added, Torsmo was removed. XChat, Xpad, IFTop, and CDPR were added. Dillo was restored. X-Startup SMF service was added. Screen Resolution and X Keyboard Layout scripts were added. SVR4 and IPS (experimental) support were added. Two versions are available: desktop and server. The server version includes Apache, PHP, Samba and NFS servers, GCC, GMake, Midnight Commander, Pine, Mutt, Elinks, Lynx, Irssi, and other utilities.


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