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10 Dec 2009 03:00 cmactaggart

If you're running this temporarily or on a server where security isn't too much of a concern, you can just add the following line to the top of archivesetup.php and have it running under php5 in seconds:

import_request_variables ("p","");

In case it's not incredibly obvious, add it after the <?php

23 Jan 2009 14:37 mbainter

Re: Broken for PHP5
Have you submitted your changes to the author, or otherwise
made them available somewhere online?

12 Dec 2006 08:01 wachaca

Broken for PHP5
Hello there,

For those looking for a migration tool, this tool does not work out-of-the-box with PHP5.

I spent an hour fixing, after which it works decently enough.

Better spend an hour fixing it than 16 doing it yourself :-)


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