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Migrations is a tool for managing changes to database schemas. It is an Enterprise tool based on ActiveRecord migrations from Rails. It features multiple schema interactions, runtime substitution of values, script generation, auditing, and much more.

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Recent releases

  •  21 Sep 2009 12:05

    Release Notes: The ability to resume a migration without aborting the entire process on an error was added. The templating code was updated to prompt for template values if a resource needed during that migration has need of the value. The algorithm to more accurately display the progress meter across multiple simultaneous schema migrations was improved. The property name text field in the property update popup was disabled to reduce confusion. An issue where not providing all of the connection information would cause the application to try and proceed with invalid values was fixed.

    •  10 Aug 2009 15:35

      Release Notes: This release updates the connection re-use logic to share the connection if it is the same db URL instead of just the same schema. It fixes the connection to not auto-commit by default (2832188). It fixes an issue where bad JDBC drivers were being auto-registered even though they don't actually work. Now only working drivers are loaded (2832183).

      •  04 Aug 2009 12:26

        Release Notes: An issue where the internal migration information was breaking when using databases with strict type checking was fixed. A bug where the internal state of the migration options were not being reset between new migration configuration loads was fixed. The packaging support was fixed up to accept migrations.xml in addition to the migration.xml.

        •  03 Aug 2009 12:27

          Release Notes: The ability to migrate multiple schemas simultaneously was added. The command line interface was changed to support the use of multiple schemas. The version display was changed to state the actual version number instead of LATEST when migrating to the latest version. The schema selection was adjusted to automatically select the schema if it was the only option available. A memory leak which happened by running out of heap space due to classloaders not getting garbage collected was fixed. A connection leak happening with failed migration attempts was fixed.

          •  27 Jul 2009 16:39

            Release Notes: This release adds support for being able to migrate against a .zip or .jar file (fixes 2826038). The product has been updated so that it works on either 32-bit or 64-bit systems by dynamically loading the appropriate libraries (fixes 2826042). The window has been updated to allow hotkeys for the buttons and to show the property being modified in the title. The Unix startup scripts have been updated to output to the console in addition to file logs. The packaging has been trimmed down to be just Linux, Mac, and Windows to help reduce confusion with 32- vs 64-bit apps. The mac implementation has been changed from Carbon to Cocoa.

            Recent comments

            05 Jun 2009 02:47 sepatel

            Fantastic tool that handles many of the enterprise grade needs which ActiveRecord fails to deliver on including multiple schema interactions, use of sql scripts, generation of final sql, auditing on each migration, and much more.


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