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The purpose of mifluz is to provide a C++ library to build and query a full text inverted index. It is dynamically updatable, scalable (up to 1Tb indexes), uses a controlled amount of memory, shares index files and memory cache among processes or threads and compresses index files to 50% of the raw data. The structure of the index is configurable at runtime and allows inclusion of relevance ranking information. The query functions do not require to load all the occurences of a searched term. They consume very few resources and many searches can be run in parallel.


Recent releases

  •  23 Jul 2001 18:53

    Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes in mifluzsearch restricted queries (-l and -h), more regression tests, a manual page for mifluzsearch, and minor distribution fixes. It has been ynchronized with unac-1.5.0, and uses AM_ICONV macro to prevent compilation warnings.

    •  11 Jul 2001 23:32

      Release Notes: Implementation of a result cache for mifluzsearch, a fix for a mifluzsearch bug that prevented searching indexes where the document did not start immediately after the word, a fix for a mifluzsearch bug that ignored mandatory words that do not exist in the index, synchronization with unac 1.4.0, and removal of obsolete benchmark results.

      •  23 Dec 2000 19:02

        Release Notes: A fix for an accent-handling bug, a new wordlist_locale attribute, better mifluzsearch error handling, improve d search traces readability, fixes for various compilation bugs and warnings, and mifluzsearch produces better XML output.

        •  30 Oct 2000 16:49

          Release Notes: Full documentation is now available for the WordType class. The mifluzsearch application/cgi-bin was added. A cache estimation bug that inhibited the cache_max parameter was fixed. An important entry deletion bug was fixed. Minor documentation enhancements were made. Minor fixes were made for FreeBSD-4.1 and Redhat-7.0 ports. RPM package generation scripts were added.

          •  21 Jul 2000 14:05

            Release Notes: Integration into the GNU project, complete re-architecture of the inverted index structure, major performance enhancements, and more.


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