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The mgetty package contains an intelligent getty for allowing logins over a serial line (such as through a modem) and receiving incoming faxes. The companion program sendfax is used for sending faxes from the commandline or from other applications. The third main component is vgetty/vm which can be used with a voice-capable modem to implement an answering machine, a voice menu system, and similar things.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Feb 2006 17:28

    Release Notes: This release adds class 1/1.0 fax reception (still considered experimental).

    •  01 Dec 2005 01:04

      Release Notes: This release has many small portability fixes. ENV_TTYPROMPT can be set at run-time now (login-ttyprompt-hack). Some smallish bugfixes (like error-printf()s with missing arguments). More detailed logging under certain situations. New "faxq stop" and "faxq start" features to start/stop fax queue processing (faxrunq/faxrunqd).

      •  03 Oct 2004 19:43

        Release Notes: This release adds a capi fax decoder (sff2g3). There are some improvements in V.253 voice modem support. faxspool can now use per-user faxheader + coverpages. faxrunqd signal handling has changed (scheduling improvements). faxspool/faxq-helper honour the user umask. There are other minor changes (documentation and logging).

        •  25 Mar 2003 18:33

          Release Notes: A lot of changes in the fax branch, and a few bugfixes.

          •  03 Jul 2002 18:00

            Release Notes: Merging of various vgetty changes, minor fixes to mgetty, and some changes in the documentation.


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