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METAGRAF is a graphical editor for creating figures in MetaPost. It is currently able to draw any kind of figure in b/w or color. METAGRAF outputs a MetaPost file which can then be run through MetaPost by itself or using TeX. The program is written in Java and is thus platform-independent.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jan 2002 10:19

    Release Notes: This new version enables the user to draw a math curve just by writing the formula, and sports a new, special design for 800x600, 1024x768, and larger. Many bugs have also been fixed.

    •  03 Aug 2001 17:57

      Release Notes: The text editor was totally redesigned. Scrollbars and sliders were added for moving drawings. Pictures/images are now included on drawings. The right mouse button can now be used to substitute button SET/RESET. Big improvements were made on saving and recovering files. External PostScript files are now included, though this is still in an alpha stage. New objects and a clone system were added. A new way of working with groups was added, and it is now possible to attach groups.

      •  07 Dec 2000 15:01

        Release Notes: This first beta version of METAGRAF-3D has been totally redesigned. It includes real 3D capabilities for the first time. Many commands are new and others have been rewritten. The text capabilities have been expanded with the new macro TXP, and creating curved text titles is now very easy. A new Manual explains all the details.

        •  03 Oct 2000 06:54

          Release Notes: The latest version, 1.0.5, includes the new macro routine TXP for writting extremely precise text on curves. A new pop up menu was added for single and double arrows and the new arc object is much easier to use.

          •  03 Aug 2000 08:49

            Release Notes: Now has the ability of writing curved text, an easier way of selecting layers and scaling text in any direction, including math formulae, by way of TeX/LaTeX.


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