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MFITSIO is a MATLAB interface to CFITSIO-- a library used to manipulate images and headers stored in the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) file format. It currently supports reading and writing FITS images, headers, and array subsets.


Recent releases

  •  03 Aug 2005 12:02

    Release Notes: Compilation errors resulting from changes to the mex interface were fixed. There is no need to upgrade. New Unix users should use version 1.2.4, while new Windows users should use version 1.2.2.

    •  01 May 2004 06:53

      Release Notes: This release fixes a typographical error in a string literal, which caused compilation problems on the latest gcc. No other updates are present in this release; current users needn't upgrade unless experiencing compilation errors.

      •  07 Jul 2003 02:30

        Release Notes: Some files opened in fits_read_header were not closed properly. This resulted in the number of open files reaching the maximum file descriptor limit. This bug has been fixed.

        •  28 Mar 2003 08:16

          Release Notes: This release fixes a segfault error caused sometimes when writing non-string header fields to FITS images.

          •  22 Feb 2003 06:07

            Release Notes: The fits_transpose_all function is no longer used, the FITS reading/writing interface routines are now more dynamic, and some kludges in fits_read_image_impl were fixed. In particular, double arrays are not created as an intermediate step prior to returning a FITS array to the MATLAB environment. As a result significantly less processing time and memory is used. A bug caused by improperly casting non-double values to double in fits_write_image_impl that caused an overflow when the BITPIX is not -64 was fixed, and more information about data type conversion was added to the README file.

            Recent comments

            10 Jul 2003 17:13 googolminex

            MFITSIO Windows Binary Available
            I have received many requests for a mfitsio binary for windows. I finally got around to compiling one using mfitsio version 1.2.2. Please visit the website to download a copy.


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