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MeteoIO is a C++ library whose main design goals are: providing meteorological data format/protocol independent data access; providing safe and robust I/O; making I/O code as unobtrusive and simple as possible for the user; providing ready to use data to the user (transparent caching, filtering, resampling, and spatial interpolation); enabling unattended use from an I/O point of view; offering high modularity so that individual elements of the library can easily be replaced/expanded/added; and by its modularity, help interdisciplinary development, each module being targeted at a specific developer profile.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Feb 2014 15:57

    Release Notes: The precipitation reaccumulation has been redone, and a new filter has been implemented to distribute precipitation over a past period. More undercatch correction algorithms have been implemented, and more rain gauges are supported, including the Chinese Standard Precipitation Gauge and the shielded Geonor gauge. ASCII parsing has been optimized for speed along with other speed optimizations. Several bugs have been fixed related to time zone handling (for solar radiation and dates).

    •  09 Nov 2013 04:39

      Release Notes: A large fraction of the code has been refactored, enabling new data handling algorithms as well as significant performance improvements. A new stage has been added: data generators based on parametrizations. Lots of micro-optimizations, for SIMD as well as suggested from static analysis have been implemented alongside new numerical approximations. Lots of rarely triggered bugs have been fixed both in the main code and in the data plugins. More precise Dates and Timers have been implemented. The error reporting has been improved and exceptions can now display a graphical message box.

      •  26 Dec 2012 11:51

        Release Notes: The handling of plugins has been redone in order to be less confusing for the users (there is no PLUGIN_PATH to set anymore). The sun model has been improved and several rare bugs fixed. Several plugins are now handling large files in a much more efficient manner. Several speed optimizations have been implemented through the code, as well as a lot of cleanup in order to conform to C++ best practices. This version compiles for Android.

        •  01 Jun 2012 12:57

          Release Notes: Temporal resampling and reaccumulation have been redesigned, fixing major behavior inconsistencies and leading to major speed improvements. Inconsistencies in the filters have also been fixed, and new filters added. Two new plugins have been developed to read GRIB files and to write PNGs. The grid handling API has been significantly improved to become more generic. Lots of small bugs have been fixed, and lots of code has been cleaned up and reorganized.

          •  15 Nov 2011 17:22

            Release Notes: A major performance improvement has been found by slightly changing the API. This leads to an 8 times speed up. Several bugs have been fixed and several plugins improved in order to get the most out of the available data. Some new filters have been implemented. More error messages have been improved for clarity.


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