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MetaStock Data Conversion Command Line Utils

The MetaStock Data Conversion Command Line Utils are utilities to convert from MetaStock binary data (MASTER and Fxxx.DAT) format to MetaStock ASCII (8 Field) format and back.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Nov 2006 09:27

    Release Notes: This release uses pthreads to implement asc2ms, so increasing the performance drastically. This release has a new feature in asc2ms to forcewrite the database if the files are locked. Performance tuning has been done on the utils using Intel VTune Performance analyser.

    •  01 Aug 2006 06:43

      Release Notes: ms2asc now has a --descMaster command option for describing the contents of the database. A new Perl script for sorting ms2asc outputted data was also added.

      •  04 Jul 2006 06:40

        Release Notes: The tool was added to supplement the ms2asc tool. This tool creates per ticker ASCII files. A lot of optimizations were made to the asc2ms tool, so it now runs noticeably faster.

        •  22 May 2006 08:37

          Release Notes: A progress bar indicator was added for both asc2ms and ms2asc. The issue in the Windows version of asc2ms were the last line was not being converted was fixed.

          •  05 May 2006 10:53

            Release Notes: asc2ms now takes input from the standard input device, and ms2asc outputs to the standard output device.


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