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MersenneTwister is a C++ class for generating 32-bit random numbers as integers or floating-point. Seeds can be obtained automatically from /dev/urandom or system time, and the generator state may be saved and restored. It includes an example program and performance tests.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Oct 2009 18:02

    Release Notes: This release focuses on portability and reliability. Instances of deprecated C++ were cleaned up. Operations were rewritten to work even in uncommon environments. The test program was toughened and expanded. A slight correction was made in the label for the standard deviation parameter. A copy constructor and operator were added. Seed correlations, generator functions, output sequences, and save formats are identical to Version 1.0.

    •  20 May 2003 01:41

      Release Notes: This release adds a revised seeding algorithm, changes the license from LGPL to BSD, adds access to normal (Gaussian) distributions, and adds performance optimizations and 64-bit portability fixes.

      •  24 Mar 2002 20:38

        Release Notes: The list of included headers has been corrected.

        •  13 Jul 2001 01:03

          Release Notes: A fix for a problem when compiling with gcc 3.0, and access to numbers in (0,1) and (0,n) ranges.

          •  15 Feb 2001 21:37

            Release Notes: Fixes for a seed overflow on 64-bit processors, and improved uniformity of integer [0,n] generation.


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