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Merkaartor is a mapping program that can edit OpenStreetMap data.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Feb 2011 00:44

    Release Notes: A crash when using TMSes was fixed. A probable fix for remote control crashes was included. A crash with --ignore-preferencesment was fixed. "=" is now used instead of "is" in the selection dialog. The program no longer saves locally to the registry and does not create ~/.merkaartor in portable mode. UTF8 in GDAL fields is now handled.

    •  26 Dec 2010 15:30

      Release Notes: A French Cadastre plugin, a Bing Maps plugin, and a GDAL raster background plugin were added. The program can now print and export to PDF, raster formats, and SVG. A filter system was added. The background image may now be aligned by holding the space bar and panning.

      •  17 Aug 2010 12:02

        Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

        •  15 Jun 2010 15:11

          Release Notes: This release allows you to move complete relations. It fixes an issue with the first feature not being OSM exported, as well as WMSs in EPSG:4326 not showing. It will not overzoom on layer zoom (and not allow if the bbox is null), fixing bug #3046. It adds a "portable" mode to merkaartor via the command line ("-p") or build setting ("PORTABLE=1").

          •  06 Jun 2010 17:32

            Release Notes: This release adds the ability to show a lat/lon grid, support for WMS-C servers, support for "standard" TMS servers, a projection editor, Enhanced Relations support, Geo-tagging of photos inside Merkaartor, improved SHP support, support for JOSM remote protocol on port 8111, and simplification of ways. It allows you to tile (and cache) arbitrary WMSs, allows Google maps links and others in goto and download dialogs, and has many tweaks and little changes.


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