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Mercurial is a fast, lightweight Source Control Management system designed for the efficient handling of very large distributed projects.

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Recent releases

  •  02 Nov 2011 16:40

    Release Notes: This is a regularly-scheduled feature release. A new core graft command that lets you copy changesets from one branch to another, while using the merge machinery to resolve conflicts. A new standard extension called largefiles lets you handle very large files (hundreds of megabytes) with Mercurial. The files are stored outside Mercurial and are downloaded on demand when you update. Subrepositories were changed in this release: commit will now abort when there are uncommitted changes in subrepos. Use the -S option to recurse. Various bugs were fixed.

    •  08 Jul 2011 07:58

      Release Notes: This is a major feature release that introduces "filesets". This is a powerful query language that can be used with all commands to select files based on their repository state and their content. Another new feature is the Mercurial command server. The server keeps running after executing each command, and so the startup overhead is removed. A new experimental "generaldelta" format was introduced. When enabled on a server, this can reduce the size of new clones drastically, regardless of the client version used. Many other small enhancements were made and bugs were fixed.

      •  08 Jul 2011 07:44

        Release Notes: This is a major feature release. The bookmarks extension is now a core feature, which means that you can push and pull bookmarks to and from all Mercurial 1.8 servers. Support was added for Git subrepositories. This lets you integrate Git repositories in a Mercurial checkout. The revision set syntax is now supported by most commands.

        •  15 Dec 2010 14:42

          Release Notes: This is a scheduled bugfix release. The hgweb script was fixed to handle index generation for invalid paths. Handling of symlinks was improved for the keyword extension. Several bugfixes were made to subrepositories: removal of read-only Subversion files on Windows was fixed, a missing .hgsub file is now handled as if it was removed, empty directories are pruned when a Subversion subrepository is removed, a Python 2.6 bug was fixed for subrepositories. The MQ extension was fixed to ignore subrepositories. Support for generating x64 native MSI packages was added.

          •  15 Dec 2010 14:34

            Release Notes: This is an unscheduled bugfix release: 1.7 clients broke support for pushing bookmarks with HTTP. The eol extension was fixed to exclude the .hgtags file from newline translation. Bookmarks and other out-of-history data transported with the pushkey system now always uses HTTP POST on push. The descendants() revset function was fixed for the case where nullrev is in the result. Subversion subrepository removal was fixed.

            Recent comments

            06 Mar 2010 21:56 mgeisler

            I should have added this to the Mercurial 1.5 announcement: the new progress extension displays progress bars for many operations (clone, push, pull, update, ...) that may take a little time to complete. Enable the extension and use 'hg help progress' to learn more about it's options.


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