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07 May 2001 10:19 jli

Re: Can't contact author & missing file
Turns out my server got D.O.S:ed by some script kiddie in the Netherlands. Updated ProFTPd, so it should be OK now. Anybody reading this and unaware of this vulnerability, read this announcement (

07 May 2001 09:36 jli

Re: Can't contact author & missing file
Yep, there was a brief period where a faulty 2.66 was up there (a day, approximately). Also, my server was down during this weekend, so any mails directed there -may- have bounced. Finally, note that my email domain has changed, is no longer active, use (if that was not the case).

"Misery loves company"... or something... :)


06 May 2001 19:12 learfox

Can't contact author & missing file
In the README it says a demo called test.c
can be compiled and reviewed for tutorial
purposes but the latest distribution did not have
that file and when I tried to e-mail them my
mail bounced.

Hope someone is reading this, the header files
were not very intuitive and I would really like
to see a demo source.

21 Dec 2000 15:13 kapheine

Definitely worth a try
After trying a few other memory watchers, this is the one I have settled down with. It does not have as many features as other memory watchers, like dmalloc, but it is very quick to setup and use. It'll write to memwatch.log a list of unfreed memory, double freed memory, etc and point out the exact line number in which they occur. For double-freed pointers, it'll show you both places where it was freed. At the end of the logfile it provides a little summary of how many allocations the program made, how many bytes weren't freed etc.


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