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21 Jun 2008 11:31 gvy

Re: Could be clearer....

> or even a color-change on the whole screen.

Well, these days memtest*'s rule of thumb is: "if you see no RED BACKGROUND the next morning, it's probably okay" ;-) (except that everything might be just frozen)

21 Nov 2002 16:28 spiritlover

Could be clearer....
It's not obvious when it finds something wrong. It would be really nice if there was something OBVIOUS, like a little box that said "No errors found" at the startup, and then "ERRORS FOUND!!" or something like that when it found something, or even a color-change on the whole screen.

Newbies have ram issues too. :(

26 Jul 2002 06:58 woet

version 2.9 or 3.0
memtest 3.0 dos not recognise L2 cache at my new K7S5A mobo with 1,4 GHz Duron, it reports however faulty memory in test 5.
with memtest 2.9 I have the specified amount of K2 memory and no errors reported.
Shall I claim the memory chips?

25 Feb 2002 08:31 PeteVine

Great for overclocking!
Never mind bad memory! This program detects errors caused by running the processor at too high a frequency or memory sticks at too high an fsb. A most useful tool!!!

16 Feb 2002 16:41 coljac

Tiny, fast and effective
Great little program. Keep it handy on a floppy, and any time a machine starts acting oddly, bang it in and reboot. Usually detects problems in seconds. A great tool for any x86 user.

27 Jul 2000 22:07 petra

Works very well
We use this application at our office now for testing all new PCs we send out. Memtest86 has caught several machines with bad RAM before we sent them out (within seconds of starting) and allowed us to get the RAM exchanged without hassle. Other, older machines we were having intermittant problems with were tested and found to have bad RAM too. Replacing their RAM fixed most of their poblems.

08 May 2000 21:45 cryptnotic

rad program
This program rules. One of my co-workers suggested that a weird intermittant problem we were having with an embedded PC might be due to a memory problem. Well, this program found a couple of errors in the system's memory. Replacing the ram module solved the problem. Thanks.


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