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Memtest-86 is a very thorough stand-alone memory test for x86 and Pentium systems (and compatibles). It currently does 11 tests to fully determine whether you have faulty RAM or not.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Feb 2009 22:58

    Release Notes: Limited support for execution with multiple CPUs was added. Support for detection of additional chipsets was added. Additions and corrections for CPU detection were made, including for the reporting of L3 cache. The information display was reworked for better readability and new information. Abbreviated iterations were introduced for the first pass. Enhancements were made to memory sizing. Miscellaneous other bugfixes were made.

    •  15 Jun 2008 08:18

      Release Notes: An error summary display was added. Support for additional chipsets was added (from Memtest86+ v1.70). Additions and corrections were made for CPU detection. Support for memory module information reporting was added. Miscellaneous bugs were fixed.

      •  24 Jun 2007 01:52

        Release Notes: Support for additional chipsets was added. The Modulo 20 test (#8) was changed to use a more effective random pattern rather than simple ones and zeros. A bug that prevented testing of low memory was fixed. An advanced menu option was added to display SPD information. CPU detection was updated for new CPUs, and some bugs were corrected. Online command text was reworked for better clarity. A Badram pattern bug was corrected.

        •  30 Dec 2004 10:13

          Release Notes: Two new, highly effective tests that use random number patterns were added. The online commands were reworked so that the Cache Mode menu was dropped. CPU detection for newer AMD, Intel, and Cyrix CPUs was updated. The test sequence was reworked: ineffective non-cached tests were dropped; cache mode was changed to "cached" for test 2; a bug that did not allow some tests to be skipped was fixed; a bailout was added for the Bit fade test. Error reports are highlighted in red. Support for a large number of additional chipsets was added. An advanced setup feature that allows memory timings to be altered from inside Memtest86 if a new chipset is used.

          •  21 Mar 2004 13:24

            Release Notes: This release adds processor detection for newer AMD processors, adds a new "Bit Fade" extended test, fixes a compile-time bug with gcc version 3.x, includes E7500 memory controller ECC support, add support for 16bit ECC syndromes, and includes an option to keep the serial port baud rate of the boot loader.

            Recent comments

            21 Jun 2008 11:31 gvy

            Re: Could be clearer....

            > or even a color-change on the whole screen.

            Well, these days memtest*'s rule of thumb is: "if you see no RED BACKGROUND the next morning, it's probably okay" ;-) (except that everything might be just frozen)

            21 Nov 2002 16:28 spiritlover

            Could be clearer....
            It's not obvious when it finds something wrong. It would be really nice if there was something OBVIOUS, like a little box that said "No errors found" at the startup, and then "ERRORS FOUND!!" or something like that when it found something, or even a color-change on the whole screen.

            Newbies have ram issues too. :(

            26 Jul 2002 06:58 woet

            version 2.9 or 3.0
            memtest 3.0 dos not recognise L2 cache at my new K7S5A mobo with 1,4 GHz Duron, it reports however faulty memory in test 5.
            with memtest 2.9 I have the specified amount of K2 memory and no errors reported.
            Shall I claim the memory chips?

            25 Feb 2002 08:31 PeteVine

            Great for overclocking!
            Never mind bad memory! This program detects errors caused by running the processor at too high a frequency or memory sticks at too high an fsb. A most useful tool!!!

            16 Feb 2002 16:41 coljac

            Tiny, fast and effective
            Great little program. Keep it handy on a floppy, and any time a machine starts acting oddly, bang it in and reboot. Usually detects problems in seconds. A great tool for any x86 user.


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