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Nitro Technologies Memory Checker

Nitro Technologies Memory Checker makes tracking down memory leaks in C programs simple. It wraps strdup / strndup / calloc / malloc / free and tracks memory usage, allowing a report containing information on all allocated memory (and what function allocated it, which line, which file, etc.) at any time during the running of your program.


Recent releases

  •  27 Apr 2003 14:44

    Release Notes: Wrappers for strndup and calloc were added. Files and global defines were renamed to solve namespace collisions. The program now keeps track of and informs the user about invalid calls to free(). A bug fix was made in the calloc() wrapper. (calloc() is now used to allocate memory internally instead of malloc()). Some minor code cleanups were also made.

    •  10 Aug 2002 13:15

      Release Notes: This release tracks the use of calloc and realloc, along with the original function tracking (malloc, strdup, and free). Output is now redirectable to any file. The source files have been renamed to be more unique.

      •  13 Feb 2002 18:30

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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