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Melon is a mailbox flag for X. It notifies the user about newly received emails through a couple of configurable icons. In short, it is an xbiff replacement. It supports multiple mailboxes, acoustic warnings, and execution of external programs on request.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2002 20:14

    Release Notes: A bug was fixed in melon position control, which caused melon to walk endless across the desktop. Now melon can also beep using the terminal bell.

    •  21 Jun 2002 04:49

      Release Notes: This version adds Maildir support. Melon's window has changed to 'toplevel' type (it was a popup window before), so its behaviour can be controlled directly by the windows manager preferences setting. Melon also now updates its position's informations when has been moved by using the windows manager 'move' function.

      •  09 Apr 2002 13:27

        Release Notes: A bug which caused melon to crash when the selection of a beep file was performed before device audio setting has been fixed. Calling exit() in the child caused GTK to hang-up, so this call was replaced with _exit(). Multiple instances of melon are now allowed if they are launched with the -p switch, which prevents melon from performing any check on the PID file. The -geometry option was added. Multiple selection is now allowed when adding and removing new mailboxes. Melon is able to check a mailbox either by looking at its modification time or by inspecting the status flag of each message.

        •  21 Mar 2002 19:06

          Release Notes: The status file and config file are now stored in ~/.melon. Functions for signal handling were added. When melon is already running, it is possible to perform some operations by calling it with the open, reset, or stop options. It's useful for creating keyboard shortcuts. This release is able to use /dev/dsp.

          •  21 Jan 2002 13:42

            Release Notes: Some annoying error messages are now redirected to standard error instead of popping up a GTK dialog box. New pixmaps were added. Melon is now able to save the mailbox status before quitting, allowing the program to notify the user at startup if new messages were received since it was shut down.


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