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MegaPOV is a version of POV-Ray that features various custom and unofficial patches.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Oct 2004 04:36

    Release Notes: This version added Media Fur, read and write support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, and new user_defined camera projection and camera_view pigment types, and reintroduced motion_blur. A new post processing feature was implemented along with connection-connection collisions and a faster collisions for mechsim patch. Angle of incidence and projection patterns were added from MLPov, several new spline types were included, and a new no_radiosity flag was added for objects.

    •  08 Jul 2003 08:42

      Release Notes: This version supports new platforms.

      •  22 Apr 2003 10:17

        Release Notes: This version features the Clothray cloth simulation system, the Sim-POV mechanics simulation system, a film exposure simulation, text object alignment, a Frame_Step feature, a f_triangle internal function, a sor_spline type, the ability to access splines like arrays, UV mapping in torus objects, and UV mapping in parametric objects.

        Recent comments

        22 Apr 2003 02:52 brainless

        Use MegaPOV with DOSEMU
        Although MegaPOV ( comes as a DOS program, it can be used in The Linux Operating System ( under the DOSEMU ( environment.

        MegaPOV is a custom and unofficial patched version of POV-Ray™ (

        MegaPOV ( is a compilation of separately released patches and techniques released within the POV-Ray™ Community ( and dedicated work of the MegaPOV-Team. (


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