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Meeting Room Booking System

The Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS) is a PHP/MySQL-based Web application for booking meeting rooms. It uses 'areas' to group rooms, and rooms within each area are shown side-by-side.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Jan 2012 22:15

    Release Notes: This release can skip conflicting bookings when making repeat bookings. It adds AJAX on the booking entry form for checking for scheduling and policy conflicts. The LDAP authentication scheme now allows all config parameters to be set separately for each configured LDAP system. A tabbed dialog has been added that can be displayed to give more details of schedule and policy checks on the booking form. Various pages are now sortable, searchable tables. Admins can also do bulk deletes from a report. This release adds support for booking to be created and modified by dragging in the day and week views.

    •  22 Nov 2010 21:44

      Release Notes: This release fixes privacy in searches and reports. It adds an option to deny public access, adds the ability to have custom fields in bookings, and adds Javascript date-picker widgets. Custom entry fields can now be mandatory. Some fixes/improvements in session/cookie handling. Areas can now be time or period based. The ability to have "tentative" bookings has been added. A config variable, $auth['only_admin_can_see_other_users'], has been added. Meetings now have specified start and end dates/times. A new configuration variable has been added to set the default booking 'type'.

      •  22 Apr 2010 21:42

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the 1.4.4 release: the database schema number in the installation SQL files was incorrect.

        •  21 Apr 2010 22:20

          Release Notes: This release fixes the test for E_DEPRECATED, which was causing warnings on some versions of PHP. It adds the ability to set a password strength policy for the 'db' authentication scheme. It adds the ability to have "provisional" bookings. It fixes LDAP authentication when $ldap_filter is set. It adds the ability to limit how far in advance non-admin users can make bookings. It adds the ability to prevent ordinary users from making repeat bookings. The admin page has been redesigned and made usable for non-admin users. The ability to add custom fields for rooms has been added. A custom HTML field for areas and rooms has been added.

          •  05 Dec 2008 19:26

            Release Notes: All HTML is now HTML 4.01 Strict compliant, and all styling performed by CSS. This release includes a fresh, modern look. Security improvements by improved HTML and SQL escaping, improved database access, and much improved form data handling. New and updated translations: Basque, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, French, and Japanese. Booking highlighting is performed with CSS instead of JavaScript, unless you're using IE6. Navigating between day, week, and month views should now be much better.

            Recent comments

            02 Mar 2006 05:29 wooshy

            I've been looking for an easy to use booking tool and tried several. This was the only one without the overload of e-learning modules. It's easy to install and configure, even for non computer gurus, and it's easy to use for those who book.

            Great! Thanks very much to the developers, your work is really appreciated.

            26 Aug 2004 09:44 phoule

            Great tool!
            Thanks to the developers of this handy meeting room scheduler. It's helped me immensely in tracking meeting room booking requests and booking visual aid equipment. Much more organized than my previous method of using multiple excel worksheets. This was an easy install and everything worked right out of the gate!


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