Comments for Media Server Control Panel

21 Jul 2013 22:17 Padman

If you have some problems to connect the FTP server and you running a firewall, you must edit the ftpd-mscp.conf file (/home/mscplitecenter (Debian)) and add a free port in line 4:


Please add this port range in your firewall too.
Please restart ftpd-mscp (service ftpd-mscp restart (Debian)) and your firewall.
After this steps you can connect with this FTP server now.

19 Jul 2013 18:26 Padman

Question: Is it possible to build in the next release a UTF-8 support?
I tried charset="UTF-8" but I receive strange characters on website and source code.

18 Jul 2013 21:37 Padman

Great work :-)

Note: Broadcast password must be empty to connect from client to server!

I was free and I translated the language files to German :-)

18 Jun 2012 19:43 SySERR

... or ./install_upgrade_debian_eng :)

18 Jun 2012 19:26 SySERR

tar -zxvf mscplite-current.tar.gz
cd mscpliteinstall

18 Jun 2012 01:09 xaos321

help me how to install it

05 Sep 2011 16:23 rogerkgu78

Hi, I'm trying to install the software but still can not, I'm using Debian 6.0 64bit. do I install wrong? If possible please install it for me. Thank you

13 Aug 2011 23:45 SySERR

I tested Debian 5.0, but the version is too old. So much is not guaranteed to work.
Debian 6.0 stable (32 or 64 bit) is recommended.

12 Aug 2011 03:26 rogerkgu78

Hi, I installed debian 5.0 32-bit, is it appropriate?

10 Aug 2011 19:42 SySERR

Exactly what Linux distro installed?


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