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MBSE Bulletin Board System (BBS)

MBSE BBS is a full Fidonet-capable ANSI BBS package including a mailer (ifcico clone), tosser, ticfile processor, filefind, and other utilities. It supports fully configurable ANSI menus, multiple languages, IEMSI, standard file transfer protocols, and native Linux doors. The mailer supports the FTS-0001, YooHoo/2U2, EMSI protocols over modem, and the TCP/IP Binkp and IFC protocols, Zedzap, Zmodem, Telink, and Hydra file transfer protocols. Full FTN mail support, including automatic routing for hub and host systems, is included. A Fidonet/Internet gateway is also built-in. The internal mail format is JAM (c) messagebase, and there is full tic file support, including extended tic files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 May 2006 13:09

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  30 Jun 2004 15:08

      Release Notes: Some support for charset translation was added again. Support for 2.6.x kernels was added. The files database format was changed, and a new API to access the files was created. Lots of small fixes and extensions were made.

      •  28 May 2001 10:00

        Release Notes: This release includes full Fidonet/Internet gateway support, support for SuSE, and a lot of bugfixes.

        •  24 Jan 2001 14:44

          Release Notes: This version has experimental support for an e-mail and news gateway, and compiles on more Linux distributions. Several bugs in FTS-0001 mode have been fixed. For full details, see the ChangeLog inside the archive.

          •  29 Jun 2000 13:34

            Release Notes: This version is more stable. All the sources have been recompiled with memwatch. mbftpd is now included.


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