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mboxgrep is a small utility that scans a mailbox and displays messages matching a basic, extended, or Perl-compatible regular expression. It supports mbox, MH, nnmh, nnml, and maildir folders.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Aug 2003 23:31

    Release Notes: Support for mbox folders compressed with the bzip2 algorithm has been implemented. Compilation issues on recent Red Hat systems and a bug that caused problems with deleting files from mbox folders have been fixed.

    •  31 Mar 2003 22:47

      Release Notes: Crashes which occured upon reading of MH folders have been fixed, as well as a potential problem with mbox and maildir folders with the same cause. MH and maildir backends no longer read files which are not RFC 2822 messages. The ability to read gzip compressed mbox folders from standard input has been added, too.

      •  19 Jun 2002 20:03

        Release Notes: Mboxgrep can now read mbox folders or output of another Mboxgrep process from standard input.

        •  08 Feb 2002 10:52

          Release Notes: A compilation bug has been fixed.

          •  07 Feb 2002 23:20

            Release Notes: A nasty bug which caused mboxgrep to dump core on recursive searches of maildirs has been fixed. Small code cleanups have been made as well.


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