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MayaVi is a free, cross platform, easy-to-use scientific data visualizer. It provides a powerful GUI to ease the visualization process. It is written in Python and uses the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for the graphics. MayaVi can be scripted from other Python programs and also from the interactive Python interpreter. MayaVi includes the VTK Pipeline browser. The VTK Pipeline browser is a Python module (vtkPipeline) that enables one to view and configure the objects in the VTK pipeline graphically with a Tkinter-based GUI. The browser should work for any Python script that uses VTK. MayaVi also provides classes to pickle a VTK object and a simple class documentation browser.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2005 09:32

    Release Notes: This release added a new LUT editor, support for user defined sources, a vorticity filter, support for the VolumeProMapper, and support for VTK-CVS and VTK-5.x. A new utility script for searching the VTK documentation using a GUI was included. A severe bug in opening data files belonging to a time-series under Win32 was fixed. There were also other miscellaneous bugfixes and enhancements.

    •  02 Feb 2005 19:37

      Release Notes: This release handles files belonging to a time series and adds support for user defined modules that may be placed anywhere in a search path. It fixes some critical bugs in the Volume module. Anyone using the one in 1.3 should upgrade.

      •  18 Nov 2003 23:57

        Release Notes: This release adds the new modules Volume, Glyph, BandedSurfaceMap, Labels, and Text, and the new filters ExtractGrid, StructuredPointsProbe, Delaunay3D/Delaunay2D, UserDefined, and CutPlane. It adds support for VTK XML files and EnSight case files, a new imv module that provides Matlab-like one-liners to view surfaces and 2D arrays, vector EPS/PDF output via GL2PS, Wavefront OBJ exportation, the ability to save the lighting, and stereo and lookup table settings as defaults. The Volume module now allows for volume visualization and provides a useful graphical color transfer function editor.

        •  12 Jun 2002 22:06

          Release Notes: A license change from GPL/LGPL to BSD, a new interactive data picker and light manipulation kit, a new CellData to PointData filter, Geomview OOGL export support, a few more commandline options, important bugfixes, PDF documentation, and new RPMs and debs.

          •  20 Nov 2001 06:23

            Release Notes: Binaries for Linux and Windows are available. MayaVi can now be scripted from Python interactively. Support for command line arguments was added. The installation process was made easier. New file import/export options were added. Streamline handling was improved for 2D cases. Several new filters and a few modules were added. Tensor support was added. A new module was added to make interactive usage of VTK easier. The pipeline browser was improved. Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements were made.


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