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20 Mar 2000 23:31 josiah

This program rocks...
Definitely. I like that it's small and only has the features that one needs. I hate bloated word processors. However, I find that it has trouble when documents get long (over 30 pages or so).

01 Aug 1999 03:35 aegand

Probs with 0.5.3
Ok.. giving it a go, I downloaded the binary, and got the following error messages:
ERROR: file:mx_font_metrics.C line 1275 code:15700 type: CANNOT READ FONTS.DIR FILE
ERROR: line 1441
ERROR: file:mx_error.C line 31 code:1 type: TRACEBACK description: TOP LEVEL
mx_font.C line 56 code:601 type: HASH TABLE ENTRY NOT FOUND
WARNING: FATAL ERROR: Cannot find default font. Exiting...


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