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Mavscript allows the user to do calculations in a text document. Plain text and OpenOffice Writer files (odt) are supported. The calculation is done by the algebra system Yacas or by the Java interpreter BeanShell.

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Mavscript moves to 17 Oct 2011 21:07

Due to the announced closure of BerliOS, the project moves to:

Recent releases

  •  17 May 2014 21:36

    Release Notes: This release improves LaTeX support. Support for Jasymca has been added. Jasymca is an algebra system with an Octave-like scripting language. The standard engine remains the computer algebra system Yacas, which has been updated.

    •  02 Dec 2007 23:05

      Release Notes: This release can read from standard input and write to standard output. The algebra system yacas has been updated.

      •  28 Jul 2007 23:18

        Release Notes: Syntax highlighting was implemented for Mavscript templates in Notepad++, in addition to the editors Kwrite and Jedit. MS-Word *.docx files are automatically recognized.

        •  13 Jan 2007 05:04

          Release Notes: Greek letters and Unicode characters in general can be used in variable names. While the Java interpreter BeanShell natively supports Unicode, the Yacas algebra system does not. This release adds Unicode support to Mavscript for Yacas too.

          •  12 Mar 2006 21:49

            Release Notes: This release adds the ability to extract the math commands from the template. The new feature facilitates finding errors in the template.


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