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Matrix Template Library

The Matrix Template Library is a C++ class library for basic linear algebra. The MTL is designed for high-performance while at the same time taking advantage of the generic programming paradigm (ala the STL) to allow much greater flexibility and breadth of functionality. Many new and advanced programming techniques were used in the construction of this library. The MTL is a low level library in the sense that the user must be conscious of the matrix type being used, and that all computationally expensive operations are explicit.


Recent releases

  •  06 Oct 1999 19:22

    Release Notes: Newly supported compilers include Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 5.0, ironed out many of the smaller issues with the SGI, KCC, and g++ compilers (including an update for g++ 2.95), added lu_solve() and lu_inverse() routines to make it more convenient to use lu_factor() to solve systems of equations as well as a couple of small interface changes.

    Recent comments

    10 May 2008 09:59 aleric

    Ancient old build "system". This doesn't compile.
    Don't bother to download this. It won't compile. I tried to fix it for two hours, but it's useless. It's using an autoconf based buildsystem that is dated like 10 years old and there's no helping it anymore.


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