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MAST is a set of audio streaming tools using RTP over IPv4 and IPv6 multicast/unicast. Unlike VAT and RAT, which are designed primarily for audio conferencing, MAST is designed to be used for audio distribution and broadcasting. It is currently limited to receiving a single audio source, unlike RAT, which can mix serveral sources. It supports many of the audio payload types in the Audio-Visual Profile (RTP/AVP).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jul 2007 14:02

    Release Notes: Support for live MPEG audio encoding was added.

    •  11 Jul 2007 17:31

      Release Notes: pcm6cast has now been re-branded at MAST (Multicast Audio Streaming Toolkit). This is the first public release. Several new tools have been added, along with new codecs. There is now a dependency on the oRTP library, which is used to send and receive the RTP packets. RTCP is now supported.

      •  06 Oct 2004 06:01

        Release Notes: This release changes from audiofile to libsndfile, changes the audio buffer form char* to short* so that the length of audio passed about is now measured in samples rather than bytes. A stupid mistake was fixed in the rtp_packet_t structure, the README was updated with a new test stream group, and there are other fixes and improvements.

        •  09 Jan 2004 21:18

          Release Notes: This release adds man pages for all the commands and a couple of small changes to the code.

          •  15 Dec 2003 00:30

            Release Notes: The size of the SDL buffer has been changed from 0.5 seconds to 1 second. Downmixing has been added to pcm6shout/vorbis. The test stream in the README has been updated. A problem in with the CFLAGS variable has been fixed. A bug in pcm6shout with the order in which LAME is set up has been fixed.


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