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manpages-ru contains Russian translations of Linux manpages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Mar 2005 07:16

    Release Notes: Translations for getcontext.2, getpriority.2, getpagesize.2, koi8-r.7, ldp.7, and x25.7 have been added. The translation for fcntl.2 has been updated.

    •  29 Jul 2004 05:51

      Release Notes: New translations were added for clone.2, mmap2.2, pread.2, pwrite.2, personality.2, syscall.2, and umask.2. The translations for pipe.2 and sync.2 were updated.

      •  17 Jun 2004 18:04

        Release Notes: New translations getdents.2, getitimer.2, getpeername.2, getresgid.2, killpg.2, vm86.2, uname.2, uselib.2, ustat.2, vhangup.2, and wait4.2 have been added. The translations mknod.2, unlink.2, and write.2 have been updated.

        •  17 May 2004 09:25

          Release Notes: New translations (kill.2, termcap.5) were added, and the proc.5 translation was updated.

          •  23 Mar 2004 14:40

            Release Notes: A new translation was added. This release was partially synchronized with manpages-1.65. A new project page was added.


            Project Spotlight


            A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


            Project Spotlight

            TurnKey TWiki Appliance

            A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.