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The Blue Mango Quest

The Blue Mango Quest is a 3D arcade game that uses OpenGL and SDL. The goal is to extend the pacman-style gameplay in several ways. You see what the main character sees (like in traditional FPS games), and you'll find about 20 items (bonus and malus) that will give you a lot of fun. An easy to use yet powerfull 2D level editor is also provided.


Recent releases

  •  04 Oct 2001 13:52

    Release Notes: This release features compilation fixes, new geometry for dituboxes and winning post, a new --nosound option, a new stategic transparent map on HUD, a new in-game menu, an option for alternate controls, new textures, new music, new time warning sounds, and fixes for miscellaneous bugs.

    •  04 Sep 2001 18:55

      Release Notes: This release includes critical bugfixes for the black menus and black HUD, and for a bug that prevents player to win in some cases. A new map was also added.

      •  03 Sep 2001 20:31

        Release Notes: This release includes menus (including in game map selection), a customizable number of lives, winning post, new sounds, new textures, memory cleanups, updates in game and editor documentation, new maps, minor gameplay enhancements, and miscellaneous bugfixes (including timer fixes and better mouse smoothing).

        •  15 Aug 2001 01:46

          Release Notes: New mouse support, sounds, configuration files, on-HUD messages, new HUD graphics, updated game documentation, new maps, and fixes for miscellaneous bugs (including black-HUD bug on some video cards, a compilation problem with gcc 2.96, and packaging updates).

          •  04 Aug 2001 04:31

            Release Notes: This release includes a complete manual for the editor in English and French, the beginnings of a game user's manual, a launcher for Win32, a new map, fixes for two major bugs (time limit being set to 0 now really means "no limit", and bugs when saving a new map), support for zlib to compress maps, fixes for badly encoded png files, more packages (different size textures, separate data and source), and some miscellaneous bugfixes including compilation fixes for gcc 2.96.


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