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The man page suite, including man, apropos, and whatis consists of programs that are used to read most of the documentation available on a Linux system. The whatis and apropos programs can be used to find documentation related to a particular subject.


Recent releases

  •  02 Jan 2011 02:20

    Release Notes: This is a minor release. The bug that caused "man cut cut" to throw an error was fixed. XZ compression support was added. A minor fix was made to LZMA support. Corrections were made to the German locale translation. A flawed treatment of Awk in the configure script was corrected. Improvements were made to extension handling (CYGWIN). A new announcement mailing list was set up (

    •  01 Jan 2008 09:55

      Release Notes: This release fixed shell-unsafe verification, which was missing the ampersand symbol, although this was being caught by another part of the code. The POSIX locale was unified with the C one. Additional checks were added for a defined but empty PAGER environment variable. whatis files are no longer updated on read-only partitions. bzip support was added to man2dvi and man2html. Experimental LZMA support was added to man and makewhatis. The Cygwin README was updated. Fixes were made to avoid shebang mangling in generated scripts.

      •  21 Nov 2006 00:31

        Release Notes: Sections used by makewhatis are set via the environment variable MANSECT, falling back to man.conf's MANSECT setting as man does. The use of implicit prototypes has been removed; it leads to issues on 64-bit platforms. Building will now honor pre-existing LDFLAGS, if set. The Italian and Spanish man pages have been updated. A minor bug in makewhatis' tempdir generation has been fixed. There is experimental support for Plan 9 rc shell lists. This release has overdue LSM v4 format compliance, as well as minor corrections and cleanup.

        •  17 Jun 2006 07:40

          Release Notes: A freeing of unallocated memory in '-K' under the unsafe flag was fixed. A bug in makewhatis was fixed. An off-by-one error was corrected in the LANG splitting code (there were no associated security issues). Support for DESTDIR was added in man2html's Makefile. The -D option was fixed. A header fix was made for variable header location of TIOCGWINSZ. Erroneous encoding of FR locale man page translations were corrected. EXEEXT and DESTDIR fixes were made for gencat. Minor corrections were made to CYGWIN support. Locale settings for gencat were constricted. Corrections were made to makewhatis exit codes and signal handling. man2html parsing was fixed.

          •  24 Jan 2006 08:39

            Release Notes: A missing format string that did not lead to privilege escalation was corrected. The Bulgarian locale man pages translation, the Italian locale message catalog translation, and the French man pages were updated.

            Recent comments

            19 May 2005 01:36 bluebat

            source patch files for locale zh
            add zh support into source tarball
            ( )

            09 Nov 2004 22:31 walltndr

            This record should be updated.
            Man has had several releases since this page was last updated:

            man-1.5n (circa 15-Jul-2004)

            man-1.5o (circa 23-Aug-2004)

            man-1.5o1 (circa 28-Sep-2004)

            Just doing my part to keep things updated around here. :)


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