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makefaq is a Python program that creates a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) HTML page or text file from a specially formatted text data file.


Recent releases

  •  01 Mar 2004 02:14

    Release Notes: This release fixes a warning generated when makefaq 2.4 was used with Python 2.3 regarding the lack of source code encoding specified in PEP263. No new features were added. This release was purely to make it so that Python 2.3 users will not see a warning.

    •  11 Nov 2002 19:02

      Release Notes: The most important new feature is a function that allows your FAQ data file to be exported into DocBook XML, which can then be processed into PDF or other formats using the standard DocBook processing tools and XSLT stylesheets. This allows the FAQ itself to remain in the very simple data format of makefaq, while allowing the higher level of formatting possible through DocBook tools. The release also provides a new command-line option, -N, to suppress numbering of the questions, and minor code cleanup.

      •  11 Aug 2002 03:06

        Release Notes: This release includes the minor enhancement of a new commandline option to add a "Return to top" link after each FAQ entry. Additionally, the HTML FAQ page now links to a CSS stylesheet by default.

        •  25 Apr 2001 14:39

          Release Notes: A minor bug that caused the "FAQ Revised" date to be incorrect was corrected. A man page and a Debian package were added. A set of Portuguese localized phrases was also added.

          •  02 Apr 2001 21:20

            Release Notes: A new data file format that allows for multi-line entries (users no longer have to enter the category, question, and answer all on a single line), and support for easy localization of the time and text strings for use in non-English settings.


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