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Heirloom mailx (formerly known as "nail") is derived from Berkeley Mail and provides the functionality of the System V and POSIX mailx commands. Additional features include support for MIME, IMAP (including caching and disconnected use), POP3, SMTP, S/MIME, international character sets, maildir folders, message threading, powerful search methods, scoring, and a Bayesian junk mail filter. Mailx can be used as a mail batch language in nearly the same way as it is used interactively. It can thus act as a mailbox filter, can fetch mail from remote accounts, and can send files as attachments.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Jul 2008 00:02

    Release Notes: This release adds an option to discard empty messages. It adds support for SMTP AUTH PLAIN. Messages with illegal byte sequences in non-interactive mode are not rejected anymore but sent as "application/octet-stream" instead. Attachments with such sequences are always sent in this way. Automatic outgoing character set selection now works for each part of a multi-part message separately.

    •  15 Jul 2007 13:11

      Release Notes: Fixes were made to the handling of multibyte characters in base64-encoded message parts. Some minor issues were also fixed.

      •  08 Jan 2007 01:18

        Release Notes: MIME message parts that are not of type "text/" are now always encoded in base64 to avoid issues with CRNL conversion. Character set conversion is now applied to attachments if they have the "text/" content type. An interoperability problem concerning maildir folders has been fixed. An invalid memory access when determining the current message in threaded mode has been fixed. It is now possible to build with more recent versions of Mozilla NSS.

        •  15 Jun 2006 21:38

          Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in the base64 encoder, in generated S/MIME headers, regarding messages in character sets with state-dependent encodings, and in the handling of the "prompt" variable.

          •  04 Mar 2006 13:49

            Release Notes: The program has been integrated into the Heirloom project as "mailx". An error in SMTP address syntax that caused mailx to fail sending messages to a Sendmail X server has been fixed. The SMTP AUTH password can now be typed directly at the terminal. A SMTP transfer child process can now be aborted in a controlled manner with SIGTERM, saving the current message to the dead.letter file.


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