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18 Jan 2011 15:57 tof

Very good software.

05 May 2004 13:01 ovacikar

great software
I installed Mailscanner along with clamav on a Pentium II - 64 MB ram linux box and its doing great job for my company, about 60 users, scanning both inbound and outbound mail traffic for Lotus Notes.

The built-in SPAM checking based on online RBL lists was so efficient that i didnt need SpamAssasin at all.

20 Feb 2004 06:51 Tomgun_007

Top Shelf!!
This is an outstanding package. Running on Redhat ES 3.0 no problem.Can be installed in under 5 mins out-of-the-box. Just install a virus program, make a small change in the MailScanner.conf file and your done!Take a look on the pricing on an enterprise class scanner (Very expensive).

Great job.. Top shelf

03 Feb 2004 15:47 debarasatorul

Re: Sex on toast - Keep it up
I've tested before Amavis, but now I am
delighted about MailScanner. I simply recommend
it! I am using Slackware 9.1.0, Postfix-2.0.18
and after I've turned on MailScanner+ClamAV
+SpamAssassin, most of the problems went off.

Great job, congratulations to the author!

24 Aug 2003 13:29 gilgongo

Re: Outstanding package

> A poor FAQ, no
> mailing list(!) and advanced

Oops! I take that back - just seen the mailing list link on the home page... sorry.

24 Aug 2003 13:03 gilgongo

Re: Outstanding package
Absolutely - an ocean of calm compared with the living hell of AmAviS.

The only slight downer is that the author seems to be holding back on the old documentation, and support in general is pretty thin. A poor FAQ, no mailing list(!) and advanced customisation completely undocumented (well, there is the source...).

But more power to their commercial services I suppose... Mustn't grumble.

04 Jun 2003 20:42 451422

Outstanding package
I must say this is an outstanding package that does exactly as the theme states. I am very pleased with the results I have attained. The solution for SPAM is now at hand. Thanks, Julian! There aren't many packages like this today.


22 Jan 2003 14:41 edgarcom

the best election
easy install, configure and operate...

the best election if you need make your life like administrator easy...

Goooood Job

18 Jul 2002 17:19 fcaen

This program is amazing: it is a perfect example of good open-source development. It installs flawlessly, is very well documented, and works beautifully. Julian, the maintainer, replies to all the questions on the mailing list.
Francois Caen

13 Jun 2002 17:52 fizz11

Mailscanner has made my life easier
Ya, i know, sounds corney, but im a system admin, and we process about 75000 messages a day, and with this, i no longer have to worry about virus's and so much junk mail!


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