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20 Oct 2006 05:23 steelerubber

FreeBSD Toaster
Simply the best.

1) excellent community support

2) excellent pay-for-play support

3) did I say it's excellent

4) you will never come across a better value

19 Oct 2006 16:24 rainer_d

Stop looking any further
Do you run qmail? Thinking about switching?

Think twice - maybe you run the right MTA, but the wrong tools?

If you search the internet, there are various recipes for building a (q)mail-toaster.

It's qmailrocks, qmailtoaster - whatever. If you have some time to kill, you should try them, too, just to make sure. Some are actually quite usable.

What's different about this one?

This "script" is not just about installing some RPMs, it's about running the thing - for years, without loosing sleep.

All the wisdom, all the knowledge gathered from years of running qmail, all the little hacks required to get qmail working smoothly are included here. All the things that do create headaches in your run-of-the-mill plain-vanilla qmail install have been given a thought here.

You should not get put-off by the fact that it runs best on FreeBSD. It's one of the things that sets it apart from others. It's the reason you can deploy such a toaster to some colo and actually forget the driving directions to that colo because you never have to visit it again, physically, for years (provided the hardware runs that reliable).

The author of this script deserves all the praise because he has been maintaining this script for so long that I can't actually remember when it started.

Much useful documentation is included - if you are a total newbie and/or have a looming dead-line and you want to skip that, the author is available for hire.


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