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Mahogany is a GUI email client for the X11/Unix, Windows, and Mac platforms. It supports a wide range of Internet protocols (IMAP4, POP3, ESMTP, NNTP) and encrypted communications using SSL, includes full MIME support, and aims to be fully standard-compliant. It allows the use of unlimited number of servers, supports filters and identities, and offers optional HTML viewing and much more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Aug 2006 23:12

    Release Notes: A new integrated statistical spam filter (DSPAM). The Unix version now uses GTK+ 2. Better support for sharing preferences between multiple installations. Automatic selection of the message viewer best suitable for the message contents. Many other improvements and bugfixes.

    •  20 Jan 2004 16:48

      Release Notes: A new, more usable composer was implemented. The embedded Python interpreter works again. A Mac OS X version is provided. The text and HTML viewers have been improved. Support for UTF-8 was improved. Many bugfixes were made.

      •  15 Aug 2003 16:53

        Release Notes: Messages may now be postponed, and are saved in case of a crash/interrupt. This release also adds (START)TLS support for POP/IMAP/SMTP/NNTP, support for reading PGP signed/encrypted messages, built-in configurable SPAM filters, searching for messages in multiple folders, the new commands "Migrate" (for account migration), "Move Folder", "Resent Message", "Bounce", "Follow-up to Newsgroup", and "Jump to Message #", more powerful composer templates, and message viewer enhancements (more popup menus for the URLs and a find dialog).

        •  14 Jan 2002 18:25

          Release Notes: This version features huge IMAP speed improvements (via on-demand header retrieval and server-side sorting and threading), persistent POP3 flags, HTML viewing and printing, a "reply to mailing list" command and the ability to use it automatically. Big improvements were made in reading and composing messages in languages other than English. SSL support was added in Win32 version, and many bugs (including a few fatal ones) were fixed.

          •  15 Jun 2001 04:56

            Release Notes: The main change to this version is huge speed optimizations, especially for IMAP. There have also been several fatal bugs fixes, mostly in Win32 version. New features include the showing of the number of messages in the folder tree, a "Clear folder" to delete all messages without opening a folder, "away" or "unattended" mode, URL popup menu in the message viewer, "open URL in new browser window" option, and option to automatically select the units for message size (kb/mb).

            Recent comments

            23 Dec 2002 09:59 vadz

            Re: Devel branch

            > It uses wx devel branch wich I was not
            > able to compile :(...

            You should have let us know about this problem. It's hard to help you without any other information. Of course, both devel and stable branches of wxWindows are supposed to compile...

            Also, the (stable) 2.4.0 version of wxWindows is being released right now, so the point is a bit moot anyway.


            30 Nov 2002 08:27 phano

            Devel branch
            It uses wx devel branch wich I was not able to compile :(...
            If only it used the stable branch I might be using it right now.
            Well, back to balsa or mozilla :/...

            17 May 2002 08:46 123piano

            A very good one indeed !
            Now mahogany is my only email client. Full imap compliant, very depply configurable, and quite stable.

            Can't wait for background folder operations/imap caching (sometimes it takes a few seconds to display folder's content)

            19 Oct 2000 17:45 nerijus

            now much better
            Current cvs versions and upcoming 0.60 should be much more stable and usable.

            28 Mar 2000 16:07 gbr

            Bad Memory Leak
            I just installed 0.50 from the RPM's, and it took about 10 minutes to use all my RAM, AND all my swap. Ugh.


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