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MagicStats is a Web server log analysis tool that aims to be powerful and flexible, while still maintaining high performance. It is customizable on three levels (plugins, themes, and config files).


Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2001 08:29

    Release Notes: A fix for a SEGV when finishing up some log files, the DailySummaryPlugin works much better on Monthly pages, the source is -Wall clean, the Dejavu theme is significantly nicer to use, and a new, simpler, syntax for instantiating themes has been introduced.

    •  19 Nov 2000 10:57

      Release Notes: The Count plugin now ignores empty strings, Web site referrer information is cleaned up, theme files now have powerful function evaluation capability, the Fancy theme now ignores intra-website referrers when generating most common referrer chart, a new Truncate AccessFilter is available, and precompiled binaries for Win32 are also updated.

      •  06 Nov 2000 06:59

        Release Notes: This release improves ALT tags for better Lynx support, referrer information is now shown in Fancy and Dejavu themes, and a new "Count" plug-in that generalizes the PageCount and HostCount plug-ins is included.

        •  03 Nov 2000 07:04

          Release Notes: A fix for a bug that was caused by URLs with //'s in them, data tables can now have parametric links to other pages, minor bugfixes for the Fancy theme, and the Fancy theme's most frequent host table links directly to the details page. Additionally, documentation from the Web site is now included in the MagicStats distribution.

          •  22 Oct 2000 06:56

            Release Notes: This release fixes several minor bugs, including a bug that made MagicStats lose accesslogs in some cases, as well as an AccessFormatPlugin to parse IIS4.0 log files.

            Recent comments

            22 Sep 2000 13:42 resilient

            Excellent Stats Program!!!
            I have seen a great deal of stats programs out there, but none offer the flexibilty and creativity of MagicStats. The themes idea is brilliant and allows me to customize my stats page to suit my personality.

            For all reading about this program, I encourage you to either create your own theme (and submit it back to sabre) or to help in its development!

            Thanks Chris for making this opensource!


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