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Built upon Maarch Framework, Maarch LetterBox is a complete mail management solution. It is developed exclusively by its user base. It handles incoming, outgoing, and internal mail. It ships with an inline editor to generate mail or answers from templates. It sends alerts and notifications on new mail, late mail, etc. It manages mail circulation between users through virtual mail baskets. It logs every action on documents and on the configuration of the application. It offers tools to monitor mail activity.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Mar 2011 14:26

    Release Notes: This release is aimed at improving usability of this application (automation of result lists management, mailing lists are not linked with organization units anymore, better usability in Detail pages, and improved notification management). It also introduces new major features (service desk management, Basket types, a custom personal classification scheme for users, users can send mail from within LetterBox, a personal contact list, and email capture). Work has been done to make it compatible with PHP 5.3.

    •  26 Jan 2010 16:21

      Release Notes: This release includes notification templates, a new wizard to print code bar separators, workflow definition for invoice validation, full text search, forward folders and mail by email, mass closing and validation, and the ability to attach mail to another folder and merge folders.

      •  24 Jun 2009 16:25

        Release Notes: Thanks to community feedback, the stability of Maarch LetterBox has been drastically improved. A lot of functionality has been added, like better management of copying mail, leave mode taking rights inheritance, mass import, etc. Heavy work has been done to increase security. The application can now be fully translated (even the notification that did not work).

        •  19 Mar 2009 08:50

          Release Notes: Beyond the redesign of search form (it is now dynamic and enables to save search criteria), this release is focused on a better interface and bugfixes.

          •  19 Mar 2009 08:46

            Release Notes: This release adds document deletion, lists and details form printing, and mail redistribution. The processing deadline is optional. This release fixes redirection errors, layout and display errors, validation errors, and notification errors.


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