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LysKOM is an online, text based, interactive discussion system sort of like a mix between Mail, News, IRC and a BBS system. It's modeled after the KOM system that was available to DECsystems running the TOPS-20 operating system ages ago. The web site for LysKOM is written in Swedish, but the README files on the FTP site are in English. Both the server and (some of) the client(s) can speak both Swedish, English and other languages. LysKOM is a client-server system. This project is the server software itself.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2003 02:38

    Release Notes: Two bugs, both having to do with the handling of read texts, have been fixed. One of them could crash the server on installations with more than 65535 texts in a single conference. The mx-refuse-import aux item can now be set to "html". Some other minor bugs have been fixed, and the protocol documentation has been improved.

    •  26 Aug 2003 13:27

      Release Notes: A bug in version 2.1.0 could cause the server to crash when a client disconnects. This could result in data loss.

      •  24 Aug 2003 13:04

        Release Notes: The protocol has been extended with a more efficient way to handle read texts. It is now possible to mark a text as not read. DNS lookups no longer block the server. All times can now be sent in UTC instead of the local time zone of the server. A busy client can no longer block other clients from making progress. A client can change its scheduling priority. New asynchronous messages tell the client when the aux-items of a text changes, or when presentation, user-area, or motd changes. Many bug fixes and other improvements were made.

        •  04 Nov 2002 00:36

          Release Notes: A bug where a client could crash the server was fixed. The membership visibility rules have been documented, and the code adjusted to match them. If the server fails to save the database (due to a full disk, for example), a warning message will be sent to all users. DNS lookups still block the server, but they can now be turned off. (A log message is written if a DNS lookup ever takes more than 1.5 seconds.) Many bugs and portability problems have been fixed.

          •  30 Mar 2002 11:06

            Release Notes: The splitkomdb utility is now documented. It is useful for taking live backups of the lyskomd data base. The protocol specification has been enhanced. A new aux-item, send-comments-to, has been introduced. Many minor bugs have been fixed.

            Recent comments

            02 Jan 2002 07:05 altic

            Re: lyskom

            > Any screenshots or online demo's?

            LysKOM is a server, implementing the LysKOM protocol (Protocol A). There are several different clients. The Emacs client is the most popular one. WebKOM has some screenshots, look at
            the WebKOM homepage (

            There is a public KOM server at The LysKOM homepage lists all known clients.

            26 Jul 1999 08:37 AHinMaine

            Re: lyskom
            Any screenshots or online demo's?


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