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lx_lib structural memory library

lx_lib is a structural C data library designed for security, functionality, speed, and convenience (in that order). Memory allocation is handled using structures and may be performed automatically. This promotes (among other things) more secure programming practices, obviates the need to traverse a data buffer to find its length, supersedes the practice of keeping the current allocated amount in a separate variable or overallocating, and enables strings to contain binary zeroes. Generic descriptors allow for better buffering practices, hence potentially faster reading and writing operations. They also allow for trivial (and fast) delimiter separation during reads.


Recent releases

  •  13 Apr 2006 19:36

    Release Notes: Bits of the lx_map() interface have been updated for use with the 20060228-1 release of libnaw.

    •  28 Oct 2005 17:35

      Release Notes: An lx_map() interface was added for mapping variable-argument function parameters into a loop over a particular function. Additionally, and on the same vein, lx_strcat() no longer fails if a buffer was not previously allocated.

      •  07 Sep 2005 05:52

        Release Notes: Minor functionality improvements were done. More intuitive header files were written.

        •  12 Feb 2003 17:38

          Release Notes: This release adds signed integer->string functions, the ability to translate integer types into digits and place them directly onto generic descriptors, and function prototypes. Manual-style documentation is still sparse, but functions are documented in the code.

          •  23 Dec 2001 19:20

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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