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Lwpp is a lightweight text file preprocessor. Lwpp reads a file as input and writes sections of the file as output, based on certain conditions embedded in the file as preprocessor directives. Lwpp is meant mostly to emulate the C preprocessor's '#if[n]def ... #endif' functionality, but without any of cpp's other C-oriented features (including macro expansion), and without putting extra newlines into the output. Lwpp uses the environment as a dictionary of symbol definitions, so you can use the value of regular environment variables (such as HOME or HOST) as symbol definitions without having to define them again on the command line.


Recent releases

  •  27 Jun 2000 09:20

    Release Notes: A flaw where '@if .. @else .. @if .. @else' constructs nested more than three deep did not resolve to the proper condition in some cases has been fixed. The license terms have been changed from the GNU GPL to a more liberal MIT-style license.

    •  25 Aug 1999 10:50

      Release Notes: Initial release.


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