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Luma is a graphical utility for accessing and managing data stored on LDAP servers. It is written in Python using PyQt and python-ldap. It features support for plugins and supports English, German, Portuguese, and Norwegian.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Mar 2006 16:16

    Release Notes: The server dialog was completely redesigned. Server renaming was added to the server dialog. A new plugin selection mechanism was added. Window size is restored when starting Luma. The plugin loading mechanism was reworked. Some internal code cleanups were done. Deletion of objectclasses from LDAP entries was added to the browser. Support for editing server settings was added to the browser. Editing of addresses was fixed in the addressbook. A bug in usermanagement where non-ASCII characters in the gecos field caused errors was fixed. Search results in usermanagegent are updated when a new account is added.

    •  16 Aug 2005 06:51

      Release Notes: This version added support for client/server-side certificates, fixed TLS/SSL handling, and improved visual feedback when bad filenames are entered by changing the background of the edit controls to red. A problem where only the name of new entries were saved in the address book was fixed along with a bug in the address book with the save button when in dialog mode. An issue with using the search filter without having a connection to the server was fixed.

      •  15 Mar 2005 19:08

        Release Notes: A fix for reading logger settings that prevent startup.

        •  15 Mar 2005 02:06

          Release Notes: Keyboard shortcuts have been fixed. You can't add the attribute 'objectClass' in the browser any more; this behaviour is not intended. A warning dialog is given when a user is about to leave an unsaved entry. The GUI is set to busy while generating the document in the browser. Multi-selection has been added to the browser widget for deleting and exporting entries. Better keypress handling in the browser widget. If a key is pressed, the value of an attribute is searched and not the attribute itself. Storing of logger preferences. You can add an attribute with right-click in the browser tree. A splash screen with new Luma logo has been added.

          •  02 Mar 2005 18:25

            Release Notes: A logging mechanism has been added. It can be activated from the 'Program' menu or by clicking on the bomb icon, which is displayed when a serious error occurs. Server information is cached, which results in less disk accesses. There is a fix for special characters in the DN of an entry. A French translation has been added. There is a new logo.

            Recent comments

            15 Jul 2005 16:24 thomp

            Well designed program
            Just gave myself a crash course on LDAP today and tried many of the interfaces out there. While diradmin, JXplorer, and ldapbrowser all worked well enough (labe was a hassle to install and configure), the interface to luma was a pleasant surprise -- very intuitive and easy to use and the program installed like a charm on Fedora Core 3. The authors have obviously given substantial thought to the design of the program -- it is easy to remove attributes, use different "plugins" to view data in different ways (e.g., an "Addressbook" view which limits the data to address-ish information), move back and forth between views, etc...


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