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Luau provides a backbone for disseminating software updates throughout a software project's userbase. It differs from other autoupdate solutions (eg. apt, Red Hat Network) in that it works on a decentralized basis: developers provide a "Luau Repository" file describing all currently available packages and updates which is then downloaded and interpreted by the client. It is also more flexible in that individual developers can distribute not only software updates but messages throughout the userbase, which can be used to inform users of important security updates, new software roadmaps, or anything else the developer thinks is important for users of the software package. Also provided is an X front-end ('luau-x') and a console-based front-end ('luau') that allow the user to check for and download or install updates for all supported software.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Jan 2005 01:22

    Release Notes: The Luau repository file now supports pre-definition of mirrors through the use of the <mirror-list> tag, so that one no longer needs to relist every mirror a file release is available on whenever a new software version is released. Mirror URLs can also be specified for a group of packages using the new "mirror-url" attribute with the new <package-group> tag. Other attributes, such as size, filename, package type, and MD5 sum can also be specified for several files at once using the <package-group> tag. In addition, many memory leaks and other minor bugs were fixed.

    •  07 Jan 2005 05:25

      Release Notes: This is an incremental release, with just a few bugfixes and preliminary support for the coming updates to the XML format. Specifically, systems without the GNU extension function get_current_dir_name are now provided a replacement function to support them. XML comments are now recognized and ignored. Finally, unrecognized XML tags now result in a debugging message rather than an error message. The public API has not changed.

      •  14 Jun 2004 01:16

        Release Notes: In this release, the XML repository format has been updated once again to include meta-data about the program it describes. This allows luau-register (with the addition of the "--from-file" and "--from-url" options) to be fed in a Luau repository file and automatically register it with the Luau database. The date format has also been updated to conform with the ISO-8601 format; that is, they are now specified as "YYYY-MM-DD" instead of "MM/DD/YYYY". Finally, the error output facility has been redesigned to work with GLib's error output framework.

        •  15 Mar 2004 00:10

          Release Notes: The XML format has been reworked in this release to accommodate changes in the focus of the project -- specifically, to act more as a "software repository" than just an updates database. The new XML example file is available at the Web site, and a "luau-repository" DTD has been made to describe the new format.

          •  23 Feb 2004 01:23

            Release Notes: This release features new support for threading via the gthreads library (which is part of glib). It separates the database support from the base library (libuau) into a new library (libuau-db). The significance of this is that programs only relying on libuau will no longer have to depend also on libdb, which had some compatibility problems when distributing binaries. You also have the choice of only installing libuau, and thus not installing any of the databases or database support, but this is not recommended. There have also been several bugfixes.


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