Comments for OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

30 Jan 2010 08:51 PierreG

@ Woods:

> "I also really dislike the idea of binary-only BLOBs being labeled as "freeware" on Freshmeat"

Actually "freeware" is not necessary open-source. To avoid any conffusion, the Free Software Foundation asks open-source authors to avoid calling their software "freeware":

And Freshmeat welcomes "freeware" as well as "open-source" as both arguably provide value to users.

27 Sep 2007 11:07 phr3ak

chroot is really working?

02 May 2007 22:00 woods

Re: License of "Freeware" isn't very free

I also really dislike the idea of binary-only BLOBs being labeled as "freeware" on Freshmeat. It definitely goes against the spirit of anything I would expect to find labeled as "freeware". I expect freeware to have source available.

> Our goal is to provide an easy to use,
> secure and high performance web server
> product with the best value for all
> level of users instead of a so so open
> source project. Close source is easier
> for us to maintain the quality,
> performance and security.

That sounds like a pile of VERY poor excuses.

Closed source software is NOT actually easier to maintain, and in fact it's likely going to be of much lower quality and performance, and have less security too, than if you published your source code.

You simply cannot hope to attain the highest levels of quality, performance, and security without having far more eyes than just your own looking at your code.

Note that just because your code is open sourced doesn't mean you have to accept changes back or even allow for redistribution, and you can definitely restrict redistribution of modified copies (though that's beginning to go against the spirit of open source). I.e. you don't have to follow common open source development practices just because you publish your source code for everyone to examine, fix, change, and build for themselves.

I for one would never ever have looked at your product in the first place if I had known the source was unavailable.

07 Mar 2006 01:16 Jshand4

where's the .Dmg for Mac OSX?

16 May 2005 14:41 johnnymason

Great Job
Excellent results so far. Looking forward to future improvements!

23 Aug 2004 09:32 favo

one of the best servers out there!
using it now for more than a year and deploying it on more servers :)

switched from apache to it and not only the administration is foolproof .. it's really more robust & much faster than apache and most of the other webserver-projects :-)

14 Aug 2004 01:31 eisman

Great webserver
This is a great webserver, I liked it so much that I wrote a

review/howto on it.

It is easy in use, easy to handle and fast.

15 Jul 2003 11:33 litespeedtech

15 Jul 2003 10:47 litespeedtech

Updated Benchmark vs. Apache and TUX
Please see our updated benchmark page ( New benchmark includes throttling, LiteSpeed Pro vs. TUX with faster CPU.

09 Jul 2003 13:53 litespeedtech

Re: License of "Freeware" isn't very free
Freeware does not mean the source code has to be published, we did not claim it is G(L)PL or BSD license. There are planty Freeware projects published on do not publish their source code. We do not see any problem with our license claim as our Standard Edition is absolutely FREE for any purposes of use, even commercial.


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