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lsh is a GNU GPL-licensed implementation of the SSH (version 2) protocol. It includes a server, a client, and some utility programs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Mar 2005 23:32

    Release Notes: A denial of service bug in lshd has been fixed. A bug in lsh-make-seed that could make the program go into an infinite loop on read errors has been fixed. lsh now asks for passwords also in quiet (-q) mode, as described in the manual. Control character filtering used to sometimes consider newlines as dangerous control characters. Now newlines should be displayed normally.

    •  16 Mar 2005 23:30

      Release Notes: Several programs have new default behaviour: lshd enables X11 forwarding by default (lsh still does not). lsh-keygen generates RSA rather than DSA keys by default. lsh-writekey encrypts the private key by default, using aes256-cbc (unless the --server flag is used). The lcp script has been improved, and it is now installed by default. The client side of "keyboard-interactive" user authentication has been implemented. Key exchange with diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 is supported. There are fixes to the UTF-8 encoder, and in particular interactions between UTF-8 and control character filtering.

      •  13 Jun 2004 11:57

        Release Notes: New SOCKS-style proxying was implemented in lsh and lshg, supporting both SOCKS-4 and SOCKS-5. The lsh client no longer sets its stdio file descriptors into non-blocking mode, which should avoid a bunch of problems. As a consequence, the --cvs-workaround command line option has been removed. The --ssh1-fallback option for lshd was removed, and bug-compatibility hacks for ancient versions of Datafellow's SSH2 were removed. There are no bug-compatibility hacks in this version.

        •  08 Feb 2004 21:38

          Release Notes: Logging of TCP/IP forward requests has been added. nettle 1.9 is included, which has some portability fixes and optimizations. In particular, arcfour on x86 should be much faster. Flow control on the raw SSH connection has been implemented. Limits are enforced on the amount of buffered data waiting to be written to the socket. General simplification and cleanup of the code.

          •  12 Aug 2003 18:51

            Release Notes: First release after verified interoperability against OpenSSH with GSSAPI patches.

            Recent comments

            15 May 1999 13:33 pehr

            LSH is really starting to be useful!
            The 1999-5-11 release is great, and works
            nicely right out of the box.

            Download, compile, install, use,
            then find & fix problems.

            We need this tool. There has been
            excellent progress. This should be
            bundled with every distribution!


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