Comments for Linux Security Auditing Tool

11 Apr 2003 07:38 Triode

Re: Thorough program

Thanks for the input. The securitylinks.txt file has been
updated to reflect this, and also the output of
LSAT has been changed to make note of this. It should also be more careful about system account checks now. Additionally, the httpd checking error should be resolved. These notes apply to lsat-0.6.7.

20 Mar 2003 03:13 CanadaGeek

Thorough program
Thourough program - full check.

But be careful taking the advice of the output file as it may lead to rendering your machine unbootable. Example - it suggested I delete users sashroot, sys and uucp. I deleted sashroot (since root, also user 0 was a duplicate) and uucp. But had I deleted sys, my entire /dev folder and contents would have been toast!

It also made an error by saying Apache was being run as root. Apache isn't even installed on my system.

Other that those two, I give it a 7, as it seems quite useful :-)


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