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10 Mar 2014 09:23 godmachine81

Very nice open source project for the AMD Catalyst API. Allows users to manage clock rates and memory speed of their discreet graphics card while they are using FGLRX . I suggest this to anyone who is a hardcore linux gamer or those mining bitcoins/altcoins! Good Work Soul_Keeper

24 May 2012 22:27 Soul_keeper

Blaazen :
the stuff is an easy fix I had simply not caught that omission.
I have a couple questions for you on the other issue:
Is your 4650 the only card in the system ?
do temperature readings display in amdcccle ?
Also I turned my email server on so you can email me

24 May 2012 09:11 Blaazen

Small issue:
I had to add one line
AC_CHECK_LIB(gthread-2.0, g_thread_init)
to to make it compilable.

Then it says:
[v1@msi-NB OperaDownloads]$ lsadl
lsadl v0.0.8

WARNING: This can be Dangerous Software!
Use at your own risk!
Adapters(active and non-active): 2
Cannot get the number of od5 temperature!
Unknown Return Code!

I have Mobility RadeOn HD4670 with Catalyst 12.4


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