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17 Jul 2007 06:25 sbeaver

Cross compilation for ARM 9
After fighting the virtually unmaintainable rz & sz for years, I was happy to find this project.

Cross compiling for an embedded ARM 9 based system against uClibc just required:

CC=arm-linux-uclibc-gcc ./configure --host=arm-linux-uclibc


arm-linux-uclibc-strip lrz lsz

Tested against ProComm plus (Windows), minicom (Fedora Core 5) and Zterm (Mac) it works nicely.

Thank you!

09 May 2004 08:13 eekeemonkee

Compilation with newer glibc
lrzsz-0.12.21 probably exists because 0.12.20 doesn't compile under recent glibc versions, or at least it didn't compile for me with glibc-2.2.

The problem is that lrz.c (line 47) & lsz.c (line 56) both declare "extern char strstr();" but strstr is a macro in glibc-2.2. Commenting out that line in both files enabled compilation, & it works ok for me although I could only test it against itself if you follow my meaning.

01 Apr 2003 11:31 zephyrous

0.12.21 - where?
Debian & Mandrake package lrzsz-0.12.21. I wonder where they have found it. This page and the main project's site ( say nothing about the new version.

Could you please clarify this.


15 Aug 2002 04:46 xroche

Thanks for rz/sz!
I consider rz and sz as vital as ls, vi or fdisk. I was once stuck on a remote server and had to transfer a quite large (2-3MB) binary to fix it, and was connected using a single modem line ("emergency" serial connection). All server interfaces were down, no scp/ftp was possible. I was able to transfer the binaries using rz through my tera term (telnet) terminal, and successfully woke up the server.

Thanks rz/sz!

16 Jan 2002 07:11 uweo

Re: CygWin?

Please take this to the mailing list
( I don't want to
discuss about lrzsz on a million places.

14 Jan 2002 21:38 AndrewKoransky


Thanks for lrzsz! I've gotten it to compile under cygwin out of the box, but some stuff in "make check" and "make install" fails... worst of all, lrz doesn't appear to work on receiving binary files, so far as I can tell. Any chance we'll see a port to cygwin? I might take a looksee into it myself if time permits.

Take care,


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