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lrzsz is a portable and fast implementation of the X/Y/Zmodem protocols.

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  •  30 Dec 1998 20:35

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

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    17 Jul 2007 06:25 sbeaver

    Cross compilation for ARM 9
    After fighting the virtually unmaintainable rz & sz for years, I was happy to find this project.

    Cross compiling for an embedded ARM 9 based system against uClibc just required:

    CC=arm-linux-uclibc-gcc ./configure --host=arm-linux-uclibc


    arm-linux-uclibc-strip lrz lsz

    Tested against ProComm plus (Windows), minicom (Fedora Core 5) and Zterm (Mac) it works nicely.

    Thank you!

    09 May 2004 08:13 eekeemonkee

    Compilation with newer glibc
    lrzsz-0.12.21 probably exists because 0.12.20 doesn't compile under recent glibc versions, or at least it didn't compile for me with glibc-2.2.

    The problem is that lrz.c (line 47) & lsz.c (line 56) both declare "extern char strstr();" but strstr is a macro in glibc-2.2. Commenting out that line in both files enabled compilation, & it works ok for me although I could only test it against itself if you follow my meaning.

    01 Apr 2003 11:31 zephyrous

    0.12.21 - where?
    Debian & Mandrake package lrzsz-0.12.21. I wonder where they have found it. This page and the main project's site ( say nothing about the new version.

    Could you please clarify this.


    15 Aug 2002 04:46 xroche

    Thanks for rz/sz!
    I consider rz and sz as vital as ls, vi or fdisk. I was once stuck on a remote server and had to transfer a quite large (2-3MB) binary to fix it, and was connected using a single modem line ("emergency" serial connection). All server interfaces were down, no scp/ftp was possible. I was able to transfer the binaries using rz through my tera term (telnet) terminal, and successfully woke up the server.

    Thanks rz/sz!

    16 Jan 2002 07:11 uweo

    Re: CygWin?

    Please take this to the mailing list
    ( I don't want to
    discuss about lrzsz on a million places.


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